My name is Elise Mahutte, a Visual Designer currently on the lookout for a new challenge. I recently graduated in Applied Sciences at The Hague University. The emphasis during this study was on Interaction Design, a practice to deliver effective User-Centered Designs.

What I do when I'm not designing?
Just a bit of reading, longboarding, gaming or going out-and-about with friends.


I've got a big interest in pop culture, graphic novels, fantasy books and of course books about design. Aaron Draplin's Pretty Much Everything and Donald Norman's classic The Design of Everyday Things is fuel for my ideas.


I've always had a fascination for skateboarding, which I'm still trying to get the hang of every now and then. But if the Dutch weather permits it, you can find me cruising on my longboard or using it to get wherever I need to go.


Since I was a kid I loved sci-fi and fantasy movies and when I was introduced to gaming I was hooked. Gaming also became an inspiration about design, UI design in particular. Whenever some gameplay doesn't feel right, I start thinking about a way to fix it, design wise.


Guilty, another foodie. I'm a big fan of food, of eating it and watching it being made (not that much of a cook). Going out for food with friends is something I enjoy very much.

What I Do

During my study of Communication & Multimedia Design I got to learn the basis of coding, including HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery.

But my real focus and skill is in Designing. I'm experienced in working with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Sketch.


+ Some other programs I've been working with:


During my internship, graduation and freelance work I got to put my skills to the test and learn more.
Below you can find some of my work to give you an impression of what I can do.

Website of Firstlook Festival

As mentioned before I graduated in 2016 and this website was the result of 5 months of hard work (including my thesis).

This website had a focus on UX design and was based on desk- and fieldresearch.


I was asked to redesign the website of Gamekings, a Dutch TV-show about gaming currently airing on SpikeTV and Comedy Central. The redesign had to be done within 2 weeks so time was of the essence.

The new design has a more immediate focus on videos and an improved information structure for news and videos.

A Corporate Identity for VastgoedKeur

VastgoedKeur needed a new identity, including a logo and website.

For VastgoedKeur.nl the ability to edit the page themselves was important, hence Wordpress was used to provide them exactly that.

Currently Under Construction

Bigu - Content Design & DTP

My first internship was at a gaming webshop (yes, I'm quite the gamer).

As content-designer I was responsible products on the website, including landing pages. For the event called Firstlook (2014) I designed several brochures and the ABRI-poster (As seen below)

MedNet - Network-app for Medical Staff

During a course for school, me and another student created this concept for an app.

Using a personal assistant and host as a metaphor, medical staff can use this app to get the most out of a visit to a seminar.

Website for ReGallery

ReGallery is a art exhibition in Dordrecht, The Netherlands and gives people the opportunity to familiarize themselves with Middle-Eastern art.

Taking this assignment was part a schoolproject where I had to fulfill the role of web-designer.

Graphic Design

While not designing as a job, I like to practice graphic design.

This example I made for a deal with Bigu and Gamekings during a livestream on Twitch.

ABRI-Poster Firstlook 2014

While working during my first internship at Bigu, I got asked to design some things for Blammo Events (the organization behind Firstlook).

One of the bigger assignments was designing the ABRI-poster.

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